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About One Way SMS

About Us

We are an innovative New Zealand SMS Service provider focusing on providing an efficient business sms communication solution to our target business and corporate clients at affordable rate. Over 3 years and having presence in 3 countries New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia, we have successfully assisted many businesses and organisations across Australasia region in achieving their mobile communication needs.

Allow us to explain our 3 fundamental business principles:
Simplicity-We are transparent in our business dealing. There is no hidden information or hidden cost.
Practicality-Our solutions are developed with practicality and user friendliness in mind, focusing in fulfilling the needs of your business and organisation.
Affordability-We understand everyone want the best deal. We are here to provide affordable pricing without compromising on quality.

Our vision statement:
Our Vision statement is to be a highly reputable leader in providing mobile messaging solution across Australasia to fulfill customers mobile communication needs.

Our mission statement:
One Way SMS is a team of positive people who are always striving to provide the best in mobile communication industry. We are committed to be an effective partner in fulfilling your communication needs.

We believe in simplicity, practicality and affordability. Therefore, we offer practical and valuable solutions that are relevant to each customer.

We will always deliver effective sms messaging solution that covers all range of sectors from small business startups to public list corporate companies.

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Why use One Way SMS?
Effective (reach your target market)
Easy to use (no software required)
Affordable (starting at 10 cents)
Fast & Reliable
Environmental Friendly Approach to communicate
Money Back Guarantee
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Money Back Guarantee
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